Fish Loving Tour

Have you heard about Portuguese love for fish? Join Esteves in this tour.

Lisboa’s locals use to say the best thing about the south bank of Tejo River is their view to Lisboa… 🙂 It’s mainly a joke, and mostly: Not true! We also go there for great beaches and for the freshest fish available, prepared with the skilled hands of the very fisherman’s.

On this tour we’ll cross the river and go find the freshest fish*, but first we’ll take a tour in Lisbon historic center, introducing the paths of the locals that cross the river, the fish snack lovers, and the fishing products available downtown.

*tours unavailable on Mondays. Reason: fisher boats stay on land on Sundays, and that’s how seriously we take fish freshness. 🙂

Tour suitable also for meet lovers that want to know about the Portuguese love for fish, and meat options will be available at the restaurant

Duration: 5 hours
Price: 60,00€ per person
Starting location: Lisboa’s downtown (full details after booking)
Includes: The tour and insights.
Not included: Foods, bites and drinks, boat ticket.

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Notes: – Availability may also depend on weather forecast