Joining friends around the table is one of earth’s ultimate pleasures. Meet Esteves and friends, at his place’s table, and explore Portuguese flavors and stories in an informal and amusing environment.

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Esteves is a Portuguese foodie that loves to share meals with friends and yet to come friends. You will either be received in Esteves place in the center of Lisbon or walk around with him. At his place, you’ll be unpretentiously received the same way that friends are! Let’s say, … special friends are! 🙂 Esteves … Continue reading What


Born and raised in Lisboa, living between Lisboa and São Paulo, Esteves is a foodie that loves to share his table and meals with friends, friends of the friends and yet to come friends. Used to make hundreds or thousands kilometers with the excuse, and main objective of a meal, Esteves also knows his way … Continue reading Esteves

The ingredients

Producers markets, traditional markets, local fairs, Esteves own garden in the center of Lisboa and sometimes, even supermarkets! 🙂