Tour of Portugal

Very special introducing to Portugal’s culture and cuisine, at Esteves table, with him and friends.

You’ll be welcomed with appetizers, a hot starter, a main course and a desert, all paired with fine wine and drinks. Dinning with Esteves, the menu will vary a lot according to the season and everybody’s desires. You’ll be able to chat about the menu before the dinner date.

The following menu is just an example of what to expect

~ Apetizers ~

Pure first pressure extra virgin and organic olive oil
Seasoned lupines and olives, a Portuguese classic
Portuguese cheeses and delicatessen, from different regions of the country, served with their interesting stories.
Bread and toasts
Moscatel fortified wine

~ Starters~

Surprise* hot starter**, using very particular ingredients…

~ Main course ~

Cod fish at my family style. It’s actually a very simple and yet delicious way to prepare cod fish, a mixed of comfort, healthy and so tasteful cod fish.

~ Desert ~

Tuisted traditional Portuguese desert (my mom will eventually participate on this one 🙂 )

The menu includes as well white and red wines, aromatized water, coffee, and whatever the chef ideas will bring to the tables.

Duration: 3,5 hours
Price: 88,00€ per person
Location: Chez Esteves (full address after booking)

* Surprise dishes are a surprise to everybody, including the chef, as they’ll be made in the moment, with the moment inspiration.

** Surprise starter can include roasted (on the table) chourizo or scrambled eggs with the very typical Portuguese sausage, the untranslatable “farinheira”.

All recipes will be happily shared at request (and maybe also without request).