Online wine tour of Portugal

Be invited to Esteves home, while inviting him to yours and learn all about Potuguese wines, in a guided tour thru different regions, grapes and terroirs, their stories and their culture.

In this online experience, the goal is to actually be introduced to portuguese wine culture, while sharing some glasses with your host, and learning and tasting.

No wine tasting experience is required, although for sure you’ll leave the experience enriched in that matter.

The experience includes:

  1. Brief presentation of portugal history
  2. Wine, what makes every bottle of wine unique
  3. Extensive (yet simple and understanble) explanation of Portugal’s terroirs;
  4. Simple wine tasting methodology and tips;
  5. Actual tasting of wine (please read the notes after the booking button);
  6. Wine and food pairing tips
  7. And most important, great chats!

Be prepared with your wine, your laptop/tablet/phone and your glasses, whatever Zé furthers asks for, and mainly, prepare to have fun!

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: 30,00€ per person
Location: Comfortable environment, wherever you are.
Dates: (booking platform states on purpose 10am, which being possible may not be the best hour, just to make clear that the actual hour will be arranged to your needs)

The experience can go 3 ways:

  1. You pick one or a couple of Portuguese wines you have at your place and want to include in the experience, previously share them with Zé, that will have some fun ideas to make the time together more special.
  2. You give Zé a budget per bottle and the internet address of an online store in your region, so he can pick the perfect set of wines for the experience for you to buy and have available in the experience.
  3. You tell Zé what wine of your choice you’ll be having during the experience prior to it, so that Zé can prepare for adding value with similarities and differences between what you’re all having.