Online Cooking Class Portuguese Feast

Be invited to Esteves home, while inviting him to yours. Learn it all about Portuguese food, history and culture, while preparing a wonderful Portuguese feast.

In this online experience you’ll be introduced to Portugal as a territory and as a country, will learn some basic cooking skills and learn how to cook a true Portuguese meal, that we can all share while chating in the end of the cooking class.

No fancy culinary skills will be required, although for sure you’ll leave the experience enriched in that matter.

The experience includes:

  1. Decision together about the recipes and adjustments to shopping list of ingredients;
  2. Brief introduction to Portugal and the Portuguese culinary culture);
  3. Hands on cooking in both sides of the screen;
  4. And most important, great chats!

Be prepared with your ingredients, your wine, your laptop/tablet/phone and mainly, prepare to have fun!

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 40,00€ per person
Location: Comfortable environment, wherever you are.
Dates: (booking platform states on purpose 6 am, which being possible may not be the best hour, just to make clear that the actual hour will be arranged to your needs).